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My Planned Care Patient Platform

The web based My Planned Care Patient Platform has been developed at pace to create the opportunity to provide patients with:

  • information specific to a range of conditions to enable a better understanding of supporting their own health while on the waiting list
  • waiting list information to enable people to better understand how long they may be waiting.

The Platform will initially comprise 137 acute hospital sub-sites where people can find information relating to their elective care. The platform will host local support information 

developed within each trust ensuring that people have access to guidance and support recommended by local clinicians and approved through each trust’s clinical governance 

processes. It will also include information on the waiting times for each acute provider.

The initial version of the Platform will be going live on 24 February 2022 to allow providers to begin to populate and at that time will contain a range of national support 

information for patients and waiting time information for treatment. They are aiming to deliver further changes by 31 March 2022.

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